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What is the AI Marketing Alliance?

The AI Marketing Alliance is the essential resource and network for enterprise marketing leaders driven to integrate artificial intelligence into their strategies and operations. Our mission is clear: to educate every marketing leader on the practical applications of AI, helping them not only keep pace but also excel in a rapidly evolving space.


Rob Enslin

CEO at UiPath

AI and automation are not just tools in their toolbox, they are truly change enablers. They empower you to innovate, adapt quicker than ever, and grow. To dream bigger.


Jensen Huang


AI will be the most transformative technology of the 21st century. It will affect every industry and aspect of our lives.


Yoshua Bengio

Computer scientist and Turing Award laureate

Artificial intelligence is not just about efficiency gains, it's about opening up new possibilities, unlocking human potential and solving some of society's biggest challenges.


Andrew Ng

AI Researcher (Google Brain)

The automation revolution is arriving, and it will be as transformative for work as the industrial revolution was for manufacturing.

Who is the Alliance for?

The Alliance is designed for marketing executives in enterprise-sized organizations across all industry verticals. Joining will allow you not just to stay current, but to actively shape the future of marketing in your organization; empowering your team to drive both pipeline and productivity.


What do alliance
members get?

Learning and Discovery

Offers unparalleled access to the latest advancements in AI for B2B marketing, presented by forward-thinking, innovative brands.


Quarterly events for participants to connect, share insights, and foster professional relationships.

Multi-Format Educational Content Every Month

Available on demand, including webinars, videos, articles, and more, catering to diverse learning preferences.

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